I think I need lots of help

let me start by saying im not a MoPar guy. (stop cussin me) i am taking on a project car for my bro-in-law who just passed away at the age of 41. i know nothing about MoPars, and that was our rivelary, he was MoPar and i am a Ford guy. Yes i do get a rash form his cars, and he went blind around mine, but we had a great time racing. He has just about all parts there, a 72 duster or dart(havent looked that close) a 383 HP(?) not sure what trans, but a gear set of 420 with a mini spool. It looks like a 3rd member pumpkin gear set, is the a 8 3/4? i am going to start putting it together because he REALLY wanted to hear it run. This site has helped me a bit, but im sure i will ask some dumb assed questions. thanks guys, i will try to get some pics up as i go.
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