I need some help finding a Holley 1920 part

I was rebuilding the 1bbl Holley 1920 on my 65 Valiant because that was all it needed to get it started. The inlet needle was bad and all the gaskets were leaking and it was improperly hooked up without a choke. I bought a kit and rebuilt it. I also labeled and bagged everything as I went. So that I could soak each bags parts individually. So I messed up and forgot to put the pump link in with the pump lever on the back of the carb. Probably because because the pump lever was plastic and I wasn't going to soak it. So now I've misplaced that link and cannot find it anywhere. I tried to retrace my steps going from the parts bucket to my desk where I rebuilt and I cannot find it anywhere. Where can I get one? It looks like the Holley 1920 is the first thing to go on the late 60s Slant Six cars in my salvage yard. I can't find one with a carb anywhere. All I need is that little rod linkage and I can put the carb back on. I have a large resolution photo of it before I disassembled it but its too large to post. So if you think you have a spare and want to help me out. Contact me and I can send the photo to make sure it's right. Thanks.
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