I killed my slant six. :(

Well, I was driving home from Preston Idaho last night in the Duster and I blew it up. I didn't know it was possible.

On Friday night, the water pump went bad. So myself and a friend went and bought one and installed it on Saturday morning, we were in a hurry as we were meeting John (baddart) to go see the wrecking yard. Well, the water pump leaked so I paid one of my friends at work to fix it. I guess he drained the radiator with the petcock valve. He didn't tighten it up when he was done and pulled it outside. So I come and pick it up and take off to go to Preston. We get up there and there was a little steam coming out from the engine. But it was no big deal. I opened the hood and noticed that there was a little steam coming from the overflow hose. I figured that it might be normal since it was just filled up and maybe a little over full. That was my bad. Anyway, later we take off and the temp guage is low, so I wasn't worried. It was actually below avarage. But it was also really cool and rainy, you know. How summer is supposed to be :angry7:. So didn't really think anything of it. Well, we are on a main road and all the sudden the temp guage shootes clear to the otherside, there really isn't much of a place to pull over but there is a turn off about a mile ahead. So I try to get to it (I know, I should have just pulled off of the shoulder). Well, the engine makes a few funny noises and dies. We pull over and open the hood. First thing we notice is that there is no steam. All the hoses are cool except the upper radiator hose. The radiator is very hot too. There was no pressure so we opened the radiator and there was nothing. Hmm. So I grab a gallon of water out of the trunk and slowly start pouring it in the radiator and see that the water just flowing back out. Well, I kind of laugh and think. Ahh, it's a slant six. You can't kill it. Well I was wrong. After we got water and everything into it. We tried to start it and it backfires through the carb and runs very bad. It also ate the dipstick. Bent it and took the end right off of it. Anyway, I guess I get to start my 360 conversion sooner than I planed.

Sorry for being so long winded. Jeremy.

Here are a few more pics of the wrecking yard.

I might buy this one. The guy said around $800. Same color and year as my first car. I love it.

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