I keep it to my self

Well a young man and like a son had a Bad light car under him and almost to much to drink :bootysha::wack: Looks like to much to me !! Thank god he did not kill anyone :protest::argue:
But we about lost a young gun here 5 days ago :-k I think, well may be 7 days, Well he came by to see me and say hello
I told him if he was not busted up I would attempt to kick his A$$ for being so stupid on my roads and everyone else that uses the road.:love7:
JPD picture of the site
He was not alive as told by a on looker 8) then he said some ones name and they flew my boy " Not my son but I have know him for 21 years" To memphis scalp laid back and femur Bone broken steal rod attracted and he is still with us :shock::angel4: He must have a rezone to be here or he would be gone. Yall know the toe truck driver from another post

Thank you God [-o<

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Author: memike