I bought a car on Ebay!!! NOT!!!!!!!!!!

I want to a story why you ask, besause i'm mad and need to vent. When I was 17 I had a 1969 Dart swinger 340 4 speed F-6 green I didnt really like the car but at the time I needed a ride and i had the money and the car was for sale across the street from my brother house. After driving it awhile I begain to like it seemed like it would out run almost anything i pulled up to. One night the city police went on strike and in this shopping center everybody showed up to drag race. As when down and hit 4th gear it got rubber everyone there went wild. Well i'm alot older nowand think back on those day of carefree fun i lost the car to the city inpound because it died on the side of the road. I didnt thave the money to get it towed so it got picked up. Now I took care of my Mother for the last 10 years while she was sick, that took up alot of time and working left me without much of a life. She passed away last july and i had moved my unemployed brother in with me the last 4 years to help me with her which was not much help. Now single no kids and living alone I thought I could drown myself in working on a car. my pay has been cut really bad but i still think i'm lucky to have a job right now. I looked on ebay for awhile and then found it!!! He had listed it in really not a good way so I won. i called him after i had sent a email and ask him about putting the rearend in and he said he would have it done before i got there. then i called after the auction and he said he sold the car the day before the end of the auction. now what can i do to him about this? anybody here a lawyer?
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