How well does dying seats work?

Hey guys,

I have some buckets out of a 95 pontiac that im putting into my scamp, but they are grey right now and im doing a black interior. Im also putting in a white rear bench that i want to dye black as well. I have used the duplicolour vinyl spray before with great results, but i find that on seats it comes off (i know because my dad sprayed it on his darts backseat and when i got up from there my ass was covered in flaking paint)...I have also tried spraying it on cloth, and it makes the cloth very harsh to the touch, and doesnt exactly do a good job of covering up the grey underneath, even after multiple coats...Are there any dyes out there that will do a good job on the seats (and even my carpet which is currently green)? Ive never died anything before, so im not aware of any good products out there, or what the procedure even involves...Id like to try to dye my buckets black, but if it doesnt work out ill have to get custom vinyl covers...any advice on this stuff would be great

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