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I am Tyler Sheff of here to promote our shipping service to you.

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Although one of my goals is to earn new business and new customers, I thought I could also offer some advice on helping you find practical and economical methods on shipping your Mopar Parts.

The service I provide is most applicable to heavy or dense shipments such as:

By working with us you can take advantage of the volume discounts that have been established with the major Less than truckload carriers such as Roadway Express, Yellow Freight, Saia Motor Freight, Southeastern Freight Lines, A Duie Pyle, Fed Ex Freight, ect, ect

Items that are expensive to ship with a traditional freight carrier include:

Sheet metal
Exhaust pipes

Here are some alternate options which will save you money over shipping with the freight carrier's above: (Note, you will need to contact these companies directly and obtain pricing)

Greyhound Bus (Yes really): You may contact them at
They will accept shipments that are smaller than 30" x 47" x 82" and less than 100 pounds. You should browse their restrictions to be sure your item will be accepted. You can obtain pricing directly on their website (be sitting, sometimes their pricing is VERY cheap)
Forward Air: Although they primarily cater to the air cargo industry the pricing can be quite reasonable if the freight is not very heavy. They use “dimensional weight” to compute your shipping weight. Be sure to provide them with accurate measurements and weight or you may wind up with a bill in the mail. All Forward Air terminals have scales to check the weight when you drop off.
They ship terminal to terminal only. Usually Forward Air’s terminals are close to major airports.
To calculate dimensional weight, multiply the length x width x height 9 (in inches) and divide the result by 194. This will give you the dimensional weight of your shipment. They use the greater of the dimensional or actual to compute your charges. Example, Dimensional weight 200# actual weight 50 pounds, you will pay based on a 200# shipment.
USPS Priority Mail: Maximum size limits and weight can be found on as can the cost be calculated. (I had a 55 gallon steel drum shipped to me by priority mail without a scratch on it)
Cost Saving Hints:
Whenever possible AVOID shipping from and to residential locations. Freight carriers charge fees for residential pickup and /or delivery and liftgate load / unloading. These fees can sometimes total more than the base cost to ship the item. Instead ship terminal to terminal or make arrangements with an auto parts or hardware store to ship your items form and to them. You can also ship from your workplace or any other commercial location that has a way to load or unload the shipment (forklift, loading dock, group of strong people)
Consider Yellow Cab: You can call yellow cab in almost any city and have a taxicab pickup smaller items such as transmissions and take them to the terminal for you. They all accept credit cards and usually can handle this quite cheaply.
Towing companies also make great drop locations, toss Elmer a $20.00 bill to accept your shipment for you to avoid residential delivery fees. Wreckers make great forklifts, and are much cheaper than liftgate fees in most cases.
Don’t think just because you hire someone to move your shipment that their cargo insurance will cover you if something gets damaged. The #1 reason for denial of freight damage claims is “improper packaging” At a minimum secure the item to a pallet or box it up. If you need ideas on how to package shipments well for little or no cost, give me a call at 727-323-4500
Most carriers will only provide .10 per pound coverage on used items. Always inquire as to the cost for additional insurance. But, don’t waste money on insuring the shipment unless your willing to package it very well and take pictures prior to shipping it. Otherwise, the insurance company may decline your claim for improper packaging.
Should you have any questions on how to package or ship an item regardless of the shipping company you decide to use, please call me at 727-323-4500 or email me at
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