How much are trucks usually worth?

There's a 1978 Dodge W100 4x4 318/727 standard cab for sale in my town that I took a look at today and I'm just wondering what they're usually worth because the seller didn't put down a price on the "For Sale" sign. I doubt I'd ever make an offer but it would still be cool to know. The engine seems to have a leaky front seal, but it's got headers and an MSD ignition system (from what I saw). The sheetmetal looked to be in great shape, very straight, along with all the trim pieces, and it was all painted flat black. I didn't get a good look at the frame but from what I did see it was also in good shape (this is Colorado and we don't use road salt here). Interior was also pretty nice. The unique part about this truck though is that it has a weird box-like bed setup like the truck was formerly used for some kind of hauling business. Last thing, it seemed to have a slight lift and had BFG All-Terrain's (albeit not much tread left) on very nice Centerline wheels.
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