How do I find original dealership?

First let me say, I just noticed I've posted 109 times on here since September. My how time and posts fly!
My question is this; How do I find out who the original dealership was that sold our car? What I have is the original title which shows the car was sold 24 Jan 1974, to the owner who resided in Los Angeles, CA. The envelope the title was mailed in says Sacremento County as it's post-mark. The original owner, (now an elderly lady) can't remember the dealership. I really want to find out as much history as I can on the car since we are the second owners. Yeah, the cars not a show car but I don't care, I just like knowing the history on things and would like to eventually find a place that would make a reproduction sales window sticker as well. We have the intact broadcast sheet but it doesn't tell us anything,(unless I just don't know how to read it) other than "Calif Exhaust" is typed at the bottom of the sheet.
I have done extensive research on military vehicles, espacially M4 Shermans, and they were easier to research than our car! HELP!

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