Holley 600 4160C Universal

Hey everyone.
Just finished up getting new Eddlebrock Performer intake on and new Holley 600, part# 0-80457S. It isn't the expensive one but I'm looking at staying stock for now. This is on my 72 Dart 318. My question is this. When I got it running and started to adjust everything and checked timing, vacuum and make sure there we're no leaks. I took it out for test drive. Drove great and when I come to a stop it continues to run good.

Everything is doing good and the trans changing like usally and kick down needs alittle adjusting. But when I got on it real quick and let off just a quick burst to see throttle response it shut off. It did this everytime I jumped on it and let off. Only does it under load won't do it while in park and running. Any ideas of what I might have missed on tuning or do you think I might need to adjust the accelerator pump alittle to give alittle more fuel to keep it running. Any thoughts on this would be great.

Thanks Michael
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