Hobby/Street stock race report

Last night was the first time out for new car. Got a few hot laps on a heavy track and it was able to turn better than i was expecting. butt there was a viberation that i thought was just mud build up on wheels. Started in back of my heat on a good tacky track and the viberation was so bad I was unable to go above 4500 rpm. Wached all my guages and oil was 60psi water 180 but in 8 laps oil temp was 280. I was staying with them with out even going above 4500rpm. Got back to pits and thought the engine has a spun bearing or sumthing to get the oil temp that hot so soon and have that viberation. After some thought I removed the System One oil filter and and to my suprise ther was no metal at all in the oil it was very clean!!!. SO WHY IS THE OIL TEMP SO HIGH? Was not going to go out for the main but decited to take up the back. ON the track I ran it up to 6500 in 1st no vib 6500 in 2sd no vib as soon as its in 3rd (3spd saganaw) and loaded it vibs very bad. Took the green and hung out in the back watching my guages. the car handles so good i was able to finish the race with out going over 4800rpm in about 12place out of 21cars. perty much coasted the whole race but the oil temp was 300 at the end of 25green flag laps.
Author: dirtmopar44