Hoard or sell ?


I am doing some soul searching right now and contemplating selling some cars.

Here is what I have on hand:

1974 D/S Project car. Currently working on it to finish and enjoy for the summer etc.

1973 D/S roller shell. Straight, rust free and maybe somewhat "rare". I have never checked the data plate. Not worth much and it matches my 74 for parts.

1976 Dart 4-door. Parts- I am getting ready to part it out completely.

1964 Plymouth Valiant 2-door post. Currently for sale and has been for a year

1973 Plymouth Duster. Very good interior, decent body but needs some help. Nice front clip and grill etc. SBP drums and 7 .25 rear. The car has not been messed with in the usual ways.

1974 Plymouth Duster. A bit better on the body shell. Decent grill, BBP disks, and basically no interior.

I'm thinking that my Dart Sports should stay since they match. I do not prefer Dart Sports. But......the one is the best car I have and it is getting closer to being done. 73-76 Dusters are my favorite:-D

Sell the rest? I can use the money for the garage fund, or to finish and use my D/S project.

I just keep thinking....."What if I find a really clean grandma Duster with SBP and it needs a fender, then what will you do?"

That ad on TV with the good guy and bad guy whispering in his ears at the auto parts store.......yeah that is me.

I know I am going to get clobbered on the values, but still seriously contemplating offing all but the two.

Sell em? Wait until the economy picks up? Hoard? ("You know they are rare and they don't make them anymore!")

Thanks again.

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