Hi from CA!

I have been lurking here for a while, getting inspiration from everyones projects. I am a new '73 Dart Swinger owner. Its my first car, and its quite a learning curve. We have no experience working on cars, aren't mechanics or anything like that, but we plan to have a lot of fun with this, and make it into something awesome.

We blew a hole in the block of our slant 6 less then a month after we got the car, and posted it for sale, when we were contacted by a guy offering a free engine. A slant 6 from a '74 duster. So we pulled out the old one, cleaned everything really well, and gave the engine, and compartment a new coat of paint. As of last night, we got the new engine in, and got it running! Music to my ears after it sitting 2 months in the driveway, and going back and forth between letting it go, or keeping it and trying to "save up" for a new engine. Ironic that posting it for sale is what it took for us to keep it!

The only thing it still really NEEDS is new suspension and the rest is cosmetic (interior is hell, paint is hideous, etc) I love this car and am really excited about working on it.

Excuse the crappy cellphone pics!

'74 duster engine with a new coat of paint

Engine compartment with a new coat of paint

Thanks for looking!
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