Hemi Cuda

Went to look at some dog dish caps this morning. The guy was real hesitant about coming to his house, wanted to meet somewhere. I told him I didn't mind coming out so he gave me directions. Got the caps and noticed some lime green steelies sitting in the corner, Which are also for sale 15x8 and 15x4, I said did those come off a cuda? He says yea, I said do you still have it he hesitates and says yea I don't like people to know it's here.
We go into his shop and there sits a 70 lime green hemi cuda, 572 hemi, auto, dana 60 with disc brakes all around,he must have 20 trophys for the thing sitting on shelves, cragersall around, the car is as close to perfect as I have seen at any show. A/C for the cruise nights, yes he drives it. Made my whole day,week, month, year.
Really inspired me to get busy on the Dart, took him 7 yrs to complete the Cuda, he is a mopar diehard, and really good guy.
No he wouldn't let me take any pics, but that car will remain in my thoughts forever.
He lost his job and the house is for sale but not the CUDA
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