Help with building a bit more power in to the 318

Hi all!

My newly bought '66 Dart came with a freshly built 318 with the following specs given to me by the previous owner

"10:1 pistons"...
Stock camshaft
Stock rods
Holley 650 DP
Stock 360 heads
Stock 360 intake
Stock 360 headers

Problem is. It's sucking water into the oil so I'm going to tear it, and in the process probably changing the camshaft. But I would like to come closer to 400 horse, but nothing to wild since it will be running in front of a stock 904 with a stock 8.75.
So what would get me there? I've read the "400 horse 318" recipes that circulates round the web, but one of them uses 360 magnum heads and the others 318 heads.
So my questions are :

Would zero-decking, milling of the heads to get a true 10:1 compression, gasket-match porting, A quite mild camshaft

(something like the

Grind Number:
272 H10Operating Range:1800-5200 RPMDuration Advertised:272° Intake / 272° ExhaustDuration @ .050'' Lift:216° Intake / 216° ExhaustValve Lift w/1.5 Rockers:.454'' Intake / .454'' ExhaustLobe Separation Angle:110°Max Lift Angle:105° ATDC Intake / 115° BTDC ExhaustOpen/Close @.050'' Cam Lift:Intake - 3° BTDC (opens) / 33° ABDC (closes) Crane Cam)

get me close? Any more ideas?
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