Help! Please! Need Carter Carb Part.

Hi folks,
I have a Carter BBD,tag # 8145-S,that was installed on the 64 Barracuda,273 auto that I am working on. I took it in for a clean and rebuild and the motor shop guy said that I was missing the vacuum piston spring. Apparently,this spring is not included in any rebuild kit! If anyone has an old BBD that matches this.Please let me know. I'd be glad to buy the whole carb and strip it,or just the spring if you know you have the right one. I also need the clip that holds the air breather to the carb. Ours didn't have one at all and I had to make one that I'm not too wild about.
I also have a stromberg WW3 that I bought online,SUPPOSEDLY,professionally rebuilt and it was missing the springs,washers and packing from the pump piston. ALSO,parts that aren't included in the rebuild kit.Sooo,if anyone has one of these weird birds for cheap,I'd be interested. I just want to get this thing running right! Thanks,Dan
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