help on new setup

hey guys first post, i currently have a 67 barracuda with a stock stroke 360 bored 30 over 9.5 to 1 compresion, performer rpm intake manifold, 670 cfm vacume secondary holley, unmolested factory X heads, 484 hydraulic flat tappet cam with 1.5 ratio, 727 torqueflite tranny b and m shift kit with slightly higher than stock stall converter, 8 3/4 rear with 3.73's on 255/60/15 drag radials. with me in it the car weighs 3250 in full street trim. mathimatical equations say about 254 horse at the rear wheel, fastes pass iv had in the car is a 13.92 at 99.15 mph with a 1.92 sixty foot time.

over the winter i plan to add a 408" stroker kit, eddelbrock heads, a larger carb ( not sure what size ) , mopar purple 509 cam, along with a set or caltrac springs and bars and a set of 4.11 gears in the back

anyone have a similar setup to this, interested on what you guys think my ET would drop to or how much horse im going to get out of the upgrades. some pics of my car, thanks in advance

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