Help me spend some $$$$

Here is my story.

My first car was a /6 75 Dart Swinger, metalic green paint with the white vinyl top. Lots of good memories with it and it took a pounding like none other. That car could not be stopped and it set the bar way to high in reliability and strength for anything else I was to ever own.

I just got rid of a 98 z28 Camaro that was in pretty pristine shape but was REALLY expensive to fix or modify and it couldn't take the abuse of a spirited drive without complaining about something.
I had enough and started looking for a Mopar again remembering back 15 years to when I had the Dart... I knew what i was going to go find. 8)

So here it is. Needs some work as expected and I need to get the suspension figured out so that I handle it instead of it handling me.

Its an original /6 that's been converted over to a 318/904 out of a 75 Sport Fury.
Yeeee haaa a whopping 150hp. Thinking of picking up some cheap heads and then a Holset turbo. Lots of research to do, first time for a turbo build if I go that route.
Also got an Edelbrock intake and some headers with the car.

Its been switched over to electronic ignition and has an 8 3/4 rear with an open diff 2.76 gears, 742 carrier.

On to the pictures! Bought it today for $3,900. Of course it had to snow when I drove it the 3.5 hours back home.

Few rust issues.

In general its pretty clean under neath.

I've got $3k to play with. I'm thinking suspension, motor, posi, bucket seats. Then next winter I will hopefully rip into the body work and minitub.

What would you do with $3k on this car?
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