Help me buy my first demon.

I have wanted a 71 demon for a long time. I have come across on near my house. It is an original 318 3 speed manuel. Right now it has a running bone stock 360 and 727. It is defanitly a project car but thats good. The 318 has been rebuilt but has sat for five years and gotten some rust on the cam and heads. The grill is in good shape and the left quarter and trunk floor will need replacing and maybe the right quarter and drivers floor pan. The interior has no headliner or carpet but the seats have a few tears and so do the door panels and the dash pad is torn up. It comes with an extra bumper, trunk lid, engine parts, and gauge cluster. It also comes with chrome trim for around the windows, a console, the original rally wheels, and two extra driveshafts and subframe connecters. Unsure if the driveshafts fit or not. The rear has been rebuilt with bigger bolt pattern and 10 or 11inch drums with no posi. The front suspention has been rebuilt with a larger bolt pattern to match the rear and disc brakes. It has no power brakes or power steering. Really all it needs to be drivable is a drive shaft that fits, a fuel tank, trany fluid, gear oil for the rearend and brake fluid. He wants $3,000 firm. I don'y have any pics but I'm going to look at it again saturday and and I'll take some then and post them. Let me know if you think its a good buy or not.
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