Help! It won’t move!!

Fixed the oil leak in my new engine (273 2bbl w/A904 push button) and broke it in Saturday, ran it for 30 minutes. I timed it & set the idle. Car sounds good! I put the car into gear. NADA!! Doesn't want to budge.
I noticed the transmission was a little over a quart low, I added fluid, still nothin'. I banged the push buttons thru all the gears, let it run for 15-30 seconds in R-N-D-1-2 three of four times, but no change.
Here's the facts: I installed a new Hughes Street torque converter and a new torque converter seal. I did nothing else with the transmission, except to scrape off some outside crud. I remember installing the torque converter and when I bolted it to the flex plate, everything lined up and fit nicely, didn't have to force or jam anything together.
With the car in drive or reverse up to 2500 rpm, the driveshaft does not spin. I pulled the small inspection cover at the bottom of the bellhousing on a level floor, and there's no leaks.
The only weird thing I notice is that the fluid level on the dipstick doesn't change. It reads the same level whether the car is cold, or if the engine is warm and running in neutral. The tranny was working fine a year and a half ago when I pulled the motor. The trans was not pulled out, spent the whole time in the car. I'm baffled!! HELP!!!!!
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