Help again!!

Well I have ran into a stop on this rear end.:cwm10:
I thought it would work in my 66 valiant but it is wider 5 friggen inches:scratch:

It is a perfect rear end and I thought I could use it in my 66 valiant.

I was going to move the spring perches in a 1/2 inch and know I see that it is 2 1/2 inches wider on each side. Could I get more back space and less front space on a wheel??

I think I will have to wait and find a 8 1/4 early A body rear:hmph:.

Can some one id this rear end, It was put in my old 1/8 mile truck.

I could just cuss up a storm @#$%^&

Thanks to grumpuscreature he seen this problem and let me know that I am going to have to modify this one.

Jeese I am getting goofy :angry1:

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Author: memike