Hello! New Guy from Germany

Hi, my name is Michael, i am German and live in a little village in Bavaria. I own a very nice, bone stock 1968 Valiant V100 2dr Sedan. I got a 75duster with a 360 before but the sedans are my favourite so the duster had to go for this one, found it in sweden this summer. I couldn´t believe that everything´s original and in very good condition - i´m very happy with it, only 56.000 km at all. The 225cui slant six and the 904 trans are working fine. It´s ww1 white outside and the interior is tan l1t with the upper part of the doors painted gold and so is the upper part of the benches. The only options are front disc brakes, power brakes and the drivers side remote mirror - no carpet, no gimmicks, a real puristic car the way i wanted it.

Future plans are: getting new rims (14x5,5) painted white this winter, with new tires and Plymouth dogdishes. Then i plan to build a hot stroker Smallblock from a 360 core that i already have, this will take a little longer....of course i will keep the sleeper look...

I attached some pics, hope you like it. Nice Forum, love to join here.


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