Hello from Texas…first time Dodge owner…

Hey guys and gals...I am new here but have visited many times...I just got my first Dodge product...a 69 Dart...haven't done any research yet but will post later on more detail...what I do know is that it is a 318 4bbl with a 727 column shift...and for some odd reason has the 15" Rally style wheels with beauty rings and center caps...the car has a bench seat, disk brakes and factory A/C!!

I've always wanted a Dart since a first got into cars...which was a while back but now I came across this deal that was too good to pass up...I just could not find one I could afford at the time...future plans call for a lot of custom mods...I am a mechanic/body man by trade...so getting this baby customized will be very fun and a learning experience...in fact I work at a street rod shop and have access to upholstery guys as well.

My screen name will some day match my car...I want to shave the door handles, locks and anything that will give it a smoother meaner look.

I look forward to many questions and making some new friends:cheers:
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