Hello from Texas

This is my first dive back into mopars in about 20 years. I restored a few cool mopars when I was a teen with my dad. We did a 65 Satellite 426 Max Wedge car, a 68 GTS 383 dart, and the probably the coolest car I have ever seen......a 71 vitamin C orange Hemi cuda with a pistol grip shifter.

I just bought a 73 duster. It is about as straight of an old car as I have seen in a long time. I wasn't looking for a duster honestly, but when you find a car that has no rust anywhere or than some minor surface stuff, you buy it. It had teh entire interior, all the glass, all the trim pieces, etc. The only thing I didn't like was the dash was cut for an aftermarket radio. In the grand scheme of things I will probably cut out the entire dash myself so it is no big deal. I am looking to do a pro touring rendition. Mix the best of new with the classic touches of old. I can't wait to get started.
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