Hello from SoCal! (68 Dart 270)

Hey guys new to site.. and A bodies. Im 23 and live in southern california.
Well, Ive been sold on getting a 68-69 Dart for a while, and finally found mine! I picked my '68 Dart up this last wednesday, and I have to say this car has already grown on me.
The car came with a 340, and auto with no overdrive. Currently on Non Op, cant wait to register and start daily driving this car.

Did some work to it this weekend, I installed a set CalTracs traction bars, Split-Mono Leafsprings, Rancho rear shocks, and 90/10s up front. All supplied by Calvert Racing Suspensions. Let me know if you want to see more pics of this bolt on setup.

This forum is definitely the best Mopar forum Ive seen, cant wait to be a part of the community!

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