Hello from California

Hello All,

My name is Kevin and I'm new to the forum, as well as the world of Mopar, so please be gentle.

I just received a '65 Dodge Dart 225 from a friend and I'm planning on fixing it up to presentable condition. He had a lot of the difficult stuff done already. The front brakes have been converted to disc and the engine has been completely rebuilt. It mostly needs interior, exterior, and upholstery work done, as well as a little cleanup on the body. Best part is, the car can sit for a few days and it'll start right up!

This is my first vintage Mopar, but I have worked on older cars before. Mostly German cars, like Porches and Volkswagens. Thanks for the resource and I hope to find tons of useful information!

PS - I've included pictures. Her name is Dixie.

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