Header woes

I have a 67 Dart big block with Hooker super comp fenderwel headers. The old headers have had it. I decided to bite the bullet and ordered a new set of ceramic super comps. 1st set came in all dinged up from shippers.2nd set were damaged and sent back the supplier. 3rd set came in dinged up also. Vender said it would be 3 or 4 weeks for a new set. They offered to discount $100.00 of the price.Well I was feed up with missing 3 week ends so decidet to use them anyway to run this weekend. New problem is they dont fit. they hit on the roll bar where the old ones cleared. Did Hooker change the bends in the tubes? My old headers were about 7 years old. Sooo I ordered another set #4 of unpainted headers. could not see beating up a set of coated headers.
Has anybody have these fitting issues?

Thanks Jim
Author: admin