Having Issues Starting + Loose Wire

I have a 71 318 dodge dart swinger

I have been having starting my car for about a year now and just last week it just stopped starting all together. I have been testing anything and everything i could think of and all the readings come back normal any ideas would be greatly appricitaed

I also found a loose blue wire that has been unplugged for a long time and i just thought it may have sommething to do with it i followed it back to the pos (+) lead on the battery it runs along the fiore wall and on to the left side of the intake manifold. i noticed that ont he ballast resistor i had a wire of the same color and i ujsed a continutiy tester and it tested as attatched but i dont know if it be the same wire or just one attatched to it it has been loose for a long time and i dont belive that it has anything to do with the Not starting but it is possible and ideas would be greatly appriciated... If it would help i could get pictures of the wire
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