Had my first U Joint Experience

I took the car out for a little drive yesterday, washed it, cleaned it up a bit, etc etc. Started to drive out to this guy's place who has an AMC Spirit with a 343 from a Rebel Machine I believe (cool car). Anyways, drive went fine, all of a sudden started to get a rumble from the ass end and then heard 'TING' as one of the caps on my U joint shot into the bushes. So i pull over, luckily a friend was near so he drove me back to my house to grab a few caps to just throw it together to limp home. Limping home, gave it a bit too much gas, 'TING BANG TING BANG TING BANG' as my U joint had exploded and my drive shaft bounced between the pavement and my floor boards :-D
So quick fix grabbed the old U joint just tightened the snot out of everything and limped home in 1st. Only took like an hour for a 15 minute drive. The worst part was, it is my friend's wedding next weekend and this weekend he was having a BBQ for all us guys and some of his fiancee's friends to come to, and I made us all late for it 8). Oh and i also had a few crazy b*tches in ricers ride my ass even though i had hazards on and was pulled over, they thought hey lets ride this guy's ass cause the last thing he needs is for his U joint to explode again.
So ya, I'm sure some of you have had this experience if you would like to share it?
Author: admin