Guess on the cause of these symptoms?

This is a newly rebuilt 833 non OD with the 3.09 first gear, running 90 weight gl-4 gear oil I'm having trouble with second and want to now if I should just baby it and hope it smooths out, or if something is really wrong.

Here are some main points.

1) I can sit in the car with it running, but not moving, and easily shift in and out of all gears without any clashing or roughness, including reverse.
2) 1 to 2 upshifts are smooth as long as you shift out of 1st early (< 2500 rpm)
3) 2 to 3 shifts are PERFECT, as are 4 to 3 downshifts
4) 3 to 4 shifts are near perfect, as in just some light clashing if you try to shift to high/fast ( the same as 1 to 2 upshifts)

All of this seems okay and feels like it would get better with some more break in time, the thing i'm not sure about is down shifting into 2nd
What happens is:

1) I cannot downshift into 2nd at all from any gear unless I get the coasting to under 10 or 15 mph and ease it in, the gears just seem to grind/clash/catch It flat out wont go in till the car slows down, even if I bring up the engine rpms.
2) If I am going down the road and accelerate ,all the way up to 35 40 mph, and simply push the clutch in and go to neutral, I can get back into second perfectly, however as soon as I either let the clutch out in neutral and try to go back to second and/or shift into another gear and try to go back to second, it wont go in till I bring the speed of the car way down.

Something feels wrong, but I'm VERY new to this and am not sure.
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