Guess Its Time

Well last weekend I got the scamp out of storage. My brother stores his truck in the same part of the barn as my car. He was going to get it out the other day so I decided to get the scamp out too since his truck would be out of the way. Being that it is not a climate controlled area, I knew that the moisture would be a problem. But it is not anything new cause it has been stored like that for the last 4 years. But this year was the longest since I have got it out. It has been sitting since Oct. I know I need to do some body work and replace the top.

Now I have come to the conclusion that it is time. After this years storage, the rust has found its way around the car. Even to my TTI headers. The heater hose is getting pin holes in it. It just a lot of little things. It is time for the complete job. I think that I will do more of a resto mod to it. Keep her looking the way she does on the outside, but modern it up a little bit inside and under her. I not sure when all this will start, but it is just a matter of when not if now.
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