grille woes (rant)

well the big brown truck showed up today, i knew what it was,but was disappointed in the box it was shipped in :wack:

so i continued and opened it up and pulled out,,,,,

my 80 lebaron coupe grille

i knew it had to be rechromed, but didnt think it was in this bad of shape, the top is all pitted to hell

but for the hell of it i wanted to see how itd look on the TDC, even though i was sorely disappointed i couldnt put it on due to its condition:pale:

and when i was carrying it back to the garage i notice it was bowed in the middle #-o

then on closer inspection i noticed the bottom was broke loose on the one side

and lookin at it some more, i notice that all 3 parts were broke on the one side ](*,)

do you think a chrome shop can repair this? or did i just waste $65 on a POS grille?:angry7:
Author: admin