got in a wreck today

i didnt know exactly where this should go so move it if you need to lol. but i was in a wreck today in my girlfriends subaru. it was icey and i hit the right rear quarter panel on a 03 gmc duramax lol bent a bunch of stuff. this subie is tough. well i think mine gonna be totaled so we are gonna get a check and get her a car and hopefully keep the subie. everyone is fine the other driver might have whip lash if anything but we both got out and walked around and no ambulance rides lol. i cant hear tho so if i still cant tommorow i will go to the doc. it is all her fault so we are gonna milk it a lil lol. but if anyone has front end stuff for a 93 subaru impreza let me know. i will need fenders, hood, bumper reinforcement and maby cover, grill, radiator, ac condensor, hood latch, steering wheel air bad (i want to put cruise on this so i might be interested in a cruise steering wheel) and maby electric fans. thanks tyler

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