Good Guy Alert for DoktorX & I’m Back!!!

DoktorX was kind enough to help me move some items that were just too big/heavy for me to move to my new place by myself, including a "36 Panasonic console TV that weighed more than a freakin' long block.

Thanks Doc and I truly appreciate the help. As soon as everything winds down a bit, I'll give you a call and we'll grill up some burgers and beer. My BBQ burgers are the best and have no equal. 8)

The new home is coming along but still needs work. I've been busier than a teenager in a barrel full of tits lately trying to get everything together. I should have internet access this coming Saturday so look out everyone, I just may get a PWI (Posting While Intoxicated), hehehe! I"ll try to get a few "before" pics of the garage too.
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