Going from 3.55’s to 3.23’s what to expect?

I am switching gear ratio's because pretty much no matter what this car has to see a freeway and i'm tired of buzzing on the freeway at 3000rpm going 65. My question is can anyone give me an idea on how much of a difference this would hurt me performance wise? My Goal is to achieve a 12.7-12.9 with this car and i was wondering if i was crazy to think this was possible with either set of gears.
Just so you know my engine combo is....
Small Block Non-Stroker 360
X-Heads Fully Ported 2.02 1.60
Comp Cam 284 Xtreme Energy .511 lift
1.6 Ratio Roller Rockers
Edelbrock Intake
Holley 670 Street Avenger
TTI Headers
727 Trans with 2500rpm TCI converter and a Shift kit
26.5inch tall Street Tires
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