Go big or go home ?

So I am in the process of mapping out the Dart I want to build.
we are running through everything and so far this is the general idea for the engine. Let me know any hits or misses if ya can find them. Once this all gets mapped out then we will see if a Dart is in my future. Alot of planning goes into building Frankenstein. :read2:
Kinda planning around 900 HP :-D

440 out to a 572 wedge

KB aluminum racing block
forged steel crank
aluminum 7.150" H-beam rods
Forged Pistons 15.0:1
clevite H-series main and rod bearings
Indy billet rear seal retainer
ported Indy 572-13 heads
Jesel shaft rockers
Comp cams solid roller lifters
working on a custom grind solid roller cam
Melling HV oil pump
7 qt pan, pick up and windage (Milodon)
ported Indy 440-3 intake
MP distrib drive gear
SFI cert. dampner
maybe a 1100 Holley carb ? not sure yet
msd pro-billet dizzy with blaster 2 coil, 6AL ignition box

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