GM person about tomake switch. 73 dart sport Questions

Hello everyone, I have been a Chevy guy since my youth. I am now looking at a 1973 Dodge Dart Sport and never owning a mopar have a few questions. It has a 318 not original with an automatic. Extremely clean older resto with a few small blisters on the rockers and lower 1/4. Somes chips , dings, But nothing major. A very nice driver. Red with a black bucket interior with console. Interior is an 8.5 out of a 10. Rally wheels. Drives nice but the car drifted alot and had to keep correcting the steering. Owner told me they all do this. Solid trunk, floors etc. Nice glass all around. Original black vinyl roof perfect. Both bumpers dull with pits but solid. Tail light trim dull and pitted. Again it looks perfect from 20ft and is mostly solid . What is something like this worth in todays market and what should I know about these cars? Any help is appreciated.
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