Getting wipers to park

Hi gang.

I kinda got my windshield wipers to work today. I'm not sure why the connectors on the back of the switch for my 70 Duster don't seem to fit nicely but with some tinkering they now do this:

Low speed -fine
Hi speed - fine

They 'park' in the middle of the windshield though when I turn the switch off. Is this something that can be fixed/adjusted in the motor or is the motor history?

Or is it something in the switch? Is the park feature controlled by that ballast resistor on the wiper motor?

Not a super major problem if I can't get it fixed perfectly, but nice to have.

Thanks for any and all help.

The Big E
PS. I can't get any of the 6 terminals in the back of the switch to power up when I push the switch in(which I think then powers the electric washer pump). I'm thinking of getting this to work over the footpump. SHould even the 70 DUster switch with the footpump have something power up when the washer knob is pushed in??
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