Gear set questions for 8 1/4

I have a spring style diff with this number on it 18-05-059-903. I have 3 sets of gears 2.45, 2.71, 3.21.... I removed the 3.21 from the axle so I could install this limited slip carrier ( 18-05-059-903 ) When I purchased this carrier I was told it was only good for 2 45 and down ?????? I installed the 2.45 gear and its a no go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The 3.21 open carrier looks and measures the same as the limited slip I purchased. The 2.45 open carrier is almost 1/4 in different. From the limited slip one I purchased.

So my question is does any one know If I could use my 3.21 or my 2.71 with this 18-05-059-903 diff..... I dont want to destroy any more crush sleeves LOL

Thanks in advance
Author: admin