Gas in the oil — Initial start-up

Well, finally after weeks of fussing with the ignition and pre-lubing the motor, I finally got this 273 to start up. It sounded good! A couple of days before the epic moment, I pulled the valve covers and could smell gas in the oil.

When the engine finally started, I ran it only for five seconds because I knew the oil was gas-contaminated. I've since drained it but not attempted to start it. (When I drained it, you could see a little gasoline emptying into the drain bucket.) I will later today get my priming tool and electric drill to try to totally purge the oil galleys of the bad oil. So here's my question to the forum before I break-in my new engine:

Newly machined and built 273, has a new mild Summit hydraulic cam (262/ 272, Lift .420/ .442), with stock valve train/springs/etc. Should I pop off the intake manifold and relube the cam and lifters? I was planning the break-in with Rotella 10w-40 and "Red Line’s new Engine Oil Break-In Additive."
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