Garage is Finally Done!!

Just about everthing has it's place, I know where everything is and it's setup just how I want. I haven't built my metal working bench yet but that's going to have to wait. No one in the Denver area would rent a plasma cutter for a reasonable price. One company would for 175$ and a 700$ deposit. For that price I'll save up. I did find a cutting torch, three welding tips, a striker and googles plus a set of regulators and 110' of hose for 50 bucks on craigslist. All I have to do is get the tanks delivered and get the right size cutting tip. :) The kerf will need more grinding than I had planned, but it will do.

The present benches I built with doubled up 2X4's and tops are 3/4" plywood with 3/4" norboard tops that slathered on three coats of "Marine Spar" Polyurethane. All benches are assembled with 3/8" bolts and #8 gold deck screws of varying lengths. All shelves were built 2x4's and 3/4" pine board.

I hope this gives those who need it some ideas. All I need is some quality wheel dollies to sling my Duster around the garage. 8)

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