Garage cleaning II

Have a FEW things nothing special, Have A LD340 intake that I had soda blasted and painted, One of the Holley holes is toast but used with a spacer is fine $100, Holley 650DP Worked fine just replaced it with a Demon $100, have a borg/beck pressure plate10.5 with very low miles maybe has 10,000miles On it had Edmonton Brake & Clutch add some pressure to it years ago Pair of 273 heads less the adjustable Rockers $100 for the pair (PN#2658920) Also have a pair of 14x6 I think Factory Ralleyes with 245 60r 14 BFG with prob 50% left if not more, these are blems but ran them without any trouble. All these Items are nothing special but If someone needs them I live near Edmonton Alberta D
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