Fuel Pump & Zero Fuel Pressure

Hey Everyone. About 7 months ago, my Duster stopped running. Actually about 7 months ago, I parked it. After about 2 months later, I tried to start it. Good spark, no fuel. I figured it was the fuel pump. Got a little got up in things and fast forward to now. I replaced the fuel pump and still no gas. It's a Carter mechanical street/strip pump. I used a hand held vacuum pump on the fuel line that connects to the pump inlet side and the gas tank. I was able to pull gas through so I know there aren't any problems between the gas tank to the pump.

I realize my problems may be worse now. When I mounted the pump, I felt resistance on the pump. But since it cranks and still doesn't pump out gas, I am thinking that the cam lobe may be worn. What else could it be, right?

So my question is two-fold.
  1. Did I leave anything out? Could it be something else?
  2. If it is the fuel pump lobe. What are my options? I narrowed it down to two...
    1. Swap the cam out. Not my first choice as I don't want to tear the motor down because everything else is still good.
    2. Upgrade to electric. I'm leaning towards this route because I ultimately want to do this anyways. Eventually, I will want more power and will need a fuel system to support it.

What do you guys think?

Author: admin