fstfish66 – Need your help!

Good morning,

I have been working away over the wekend, to do a guage conversion very much like the one you did. I have enlarged the openings, and have fitted the guages, and have the wiring issues all figured out. I do have a few questions for you though. I have asked them here instead of by PM as I thought other may be interested.

My first question is in regards to remounting the Bezel after the guage part is removed. How did you accomplish this? It appears to me that the Guage cluster itself is required to hold everything together?

Also without the whole metal part, I am having a hard time getting the ignition to mount up firmly. How did you overcome this?

I am thinking about trying to cut out the perimiter of the guage pod with all of the mounting points still intact, but am hoping you came up with a better solution?

Thanks in advance for your help. Any photos you may be able to provide would really help as well.. Once I get the job done I will make a nice post up of how I did it for everyone to enjoy!
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