FS: A-body Sheetmetal in CA

Here are some pics of the remaining sheetmetal off the '68 Dart 4-dr. As you can see, it is typical solid CA tin. Although a 4-dr, it shares quite a bit of metal with hardtops/post cars. 70% of what's behind the rear doors is the same (ie. quarters, trunk pan/spare tire well, rails, wheelwells, etc.). Again, this is super solid stuff as you can see by the pics. I am going to be cutting the back end of the car off separately (right behind the seam towards the rear of the back doors). Hopefully, someone can use this entire section for a car whose rear section has seen better days.

I am also going to be taking a cut on the firewall side of the seam that attaches it to the front floorpans. So, there will be an entire section of pans (front & rear, left and right sides) and transmission tunnel to be had. These cuts will include some frame rails and rocker panels as I am not spot weld cutting. The cowl section will also be available. All parts are available to pick up the in the SF Bay Area but will consider palletizing sections if you can make the arrangements for freight pickup. There is also a chance I could have them delivered to Spring Fling as well.

Pricing will depend on if it is being picked up, if I am palletizing or if I am transporting it to Spring Fling and if someone is buying a section and I am cutting it up into individual pieces. Feel free to ask though.

Link: http://photobucket.com/1968DartSheetmetal

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