FS: 69 Dart Grill/bezels, Sway bar, 15X7 steelies etc

Cleaned out the shed and I have some parts that I need to get rid of. First up is an original, unrestored grill off of my 80K mile Dart. The grill/bezel is in great shape and is show quality. There are a few small blems but nothing major about as nice of an original set as you will find. $800 + shipping.


Pic of the grill before it was removed from the car.

Next is a factory sway bar removed for a 69 Dart. Comes with new poly bushings/end links from Just Suspension. One bushing is pressed into bracket the other is not we were having trouble getting it in. $100 + shipping.

Last is are two 15X7 mopar steelies wheels are stamped JJ. $100 + shipping.

I would like to find local (Houston TX) buyers but will ship if someone wants something. Please email @ jmolnar79@earthlink.net with questions.

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