Fresh 8 3/4 center section, 489 case, 3.55 gears

I have for sale a completely rebuilt 8 ¾ center section using the 489 case and later model cone type sure-grip unit. There are new 3.55 gears installed, all new carrier bearings and races, new inner and outer pinion bearings and races, a new pinion yoke seal, new crush collar and new ring gear bolts. The front yoke uses the smaller 7260 U-joint. The sure grip unit was completely disassembled and inspected and found to be in excellent shape where the cones have not “bottomed out” from a lot of wear. I’d like to get $675 plus the shipping. I haven’t done the final assembly yet, because I might have to change the yoke to the large U-joint style. If I did that, then I would need to replace the crush collar. So, if someone is interested in this center section with the small yoke, I can finish the assembly in a few minutes. If someone is interested in this center section with the large style U-joint, I would have to get one then finish the assembly but the cost of the yoke would have to be added to the price.

Edison, NJ
Author: admin