For Sale Frustration!

I'm admittedly new to Mopars and A bodies, but have been in other car addictions for years and have never had this happen so much.

Someone puts an ad in saying "I've got these parts for sale" I email, pm them or both and get NOTHING back. Are these folks just yanking my chain?

Other forums I've been on were really good at replying at least. I need several small things and a couple bigger items so I keep hitting folks that are parting out a car, trying for the one place, several things gig.

Is it Mopar folks or have I just had a run of bad luck? (3 folks) I mean, if you are going to list something, it's just common courtesy to follow thru. The forums have been great, friendly folks, but this is leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

Okay, rant over, back to Dart decsions.
Author: admin