? for Paint experts…

The body work and paint for my 68 Charger was completed around 1995 or '96. At the time the car was my fathers, but I completed the resto and he lost interest and gave me the car. Anyway, even when fresh, the paint never really hada mirror finish. It looked nice, but I guess it was never color sanded and polished to a mirror shine. well, before i started the resto, the car sat in the driveway pretty much uncovered for the next 10 years. Needless to say, the rain and weather affected the paint. Although the car is still a 10 footer, the paint clearly has old water spots etched into the paint. The paint isn't noticibly oxidized or anything, and when clean, looks pretty nice. But it has permenant water spots that, when looked at closely, are clearly etched into the top layers of the paint. I'd love to color sand it down and try to get the nicest finish possible. The problem is, I have no clue what type of paint it is - single stage, laqure, etc, etc.

Can I color sand, polish, and buff this paint?
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