Fluctuating oil pressure.

My magnum based 408 stroker has an oil pressure fluctuation. At idle (about 850 RPM) it appears to be around 2-4 LBS per Sq Inch and relatively quick. Has great oil pressure 45 Lbs at idle warm and aroud 80 at 2000 RPM. The fluctuation increases in speed off idle and appears to go away at around 1800 RPM but maybe its just fluctuating too fast to notice. Its a new mechanical guage. Changed that first thing as I thought it was a guage problem. Engine is new, only about 200 miles on it. No noise in anything, no leaks, no mixing of liquids anywhere. Idle is not smooth but at about 1400 RPM and up it smooths out so I know its not engine RPM change. Melling hi volume oil pump, Kevko 6 qt pan and pickup.

Anyone ever see anything like this? Any ideas?


Author: admin